With fresh fish coming in 7 days a week, and the wholesale volume, that gives you the freshest seafood available!

Fresh Produce, Fruit, and herbs.
Cheeses, dips, and much more.

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Here at Seaport Fish we have been dedicated to bringing consumers the freshest fish since 1978 from around the world. Only recently has the local food movement made its way into the fishing industry. Because of all the fishing regulations and governmental control of the industry, our local fisherman and economy have been directly affected. We at Seaport Fish are committed to supporting the local fishermen and the 400-year-old industry that has made Portsmouth, NH and the seacoast what it is today.

On a daily basis we are receiving all the local species off of vessels from Portsmouth to Seabrook, and from the Boston Fish Pier. With those resources at our fingertips it allows us to bring you, the consumer, the freshest fish possible while supporting our local fishing community.

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Overnight Shipping

We ship everything! Fresh seafood, live lobsters, fresh chowder, anything you want.

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Since 1978

Direct to you!

From the local docks of Seacoast NH to Boston MA, and around the world, we make sure you get the freshest catch!

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